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Model: Frozen Black Cod Collars 3 lbs
Cod - Wild B.C. Black Cod CollarsOrigin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Contrary to popular perception, Black Cod is part of the Sablefish family not Cod. This deep-sea fish dwells at depths of up to 5000 feet and can be found anywhere in the North Pacific Ocean. Considered to be a high ..
Model: Ling Cod Collars Frozen 2 lbs
Ling Cod Collars - Wild Canadian Frozen 2 lbsOrigin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Lingcod, also known as Buffalo Cod, is found in abundance off the coast of British Colombia. Even though being called Lingcod, this fish is not related to either the Ling or Cod family. Instead, it is a p..
Model: Halibut Collars Frozen (3 lbs pac)
Halibut Collars - Wild Canadian Frozen 3 lbsOrigin: Nova ScotiaFish Facts: Atlantic Halibut is the largest and most commercially valuable fish in the Atlantic Ocean. This bottom feeder is found in abundance at depths of 200-500m and is also a part of the flounder family. When hatched, hali..
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