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Model: Turbot - French 1-1.3 lbs
Fresh French Turbot 1-1.3 lbsOrigin: Farm raised in FranceFish Facts: Turbot, being a part of the flounder family, is a flat groundfish that is highly sought after by professional chefs and commercial fishers alike. Turbot is well known for its delicate flavor, unique texture, and simplicity in ..
Sole - Dover 400-500 gm
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Model: Dover Sole 400-500 gm
Dover SoleOrigin: Farm raised in Spain.Fish Facts: Black Sole or also known as Dover Sole is frequently sought after for its unique flavor and texture by chefs and home cooks alike. Dover Sole is commonly found in the Mediterranean to the North Sea and are found in the sandy, muddy shallows. Thi..
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