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04 Feb Shrimp Made Simple
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Shrimp Made SimpleWhen shopping for shrimp, there are a few components we must consider as consumers. - Are shrimps wild or farmed, what is the differ..
11 Jan CAV101: Fundamentals of Caviar
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CAV101: Fundamentals Of CaviarWhat Is Caviar?Caviar in short is sturgeon eggs mixed with salt for preservation. This delicacy is traditionally served ..
15 Dec How To Make The Perfect Lobster Roll?
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How To Make The Perfect Lobster Roll?Ingredients:Serves (7-8 rolls)- Frozen lobster meat (Cooked CKL or Leg Meat is recommended) : Roughly 1.5-2 lbs o..
24 Nov How To Slice Fish For Sashimi Or Nigiri
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How To Slice Fish For Sashimi Or NigiriIn order to learn how to cut sashimi or nigiri, we must first understand the difference between the two. Typica..
20 Nov What is Sustainable Seafood? Top 4 Ways You Can Choose Sustainable Seafood
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What is Sustainable Seafood?What is Sustainable Seafood?Sustainable seafood is seafood that is caught or harvested in a method that ensures long-term ..
18 Nov How to Cook a Whole Octopus?
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How to Cook a Whole Octopus?Ingredients:1 whole Octopus1 onion4-5 large cloves of garlic1 lemon Red wine/ white vinegar (optional)Salt, black pepper, ..
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