How To Make The Perfect Lobster Roll?


Serves (7-8 rolls)

- Frozen lobster meat (Cooked CKL or Leg Meat is recommended) : Roughly 1.5-2 lbs of Lobster Meat    Shop Lobster Meat

- Mayonnaise

- Celery

- Chives

- Lemon Juice

- Potato Rolls

- Butter

Although traditional recipes call for using live whole lobsters, we find that using a frozen option can be more cost and time effective, making tasks in the kitchen that much more manageable. 


Defrost and take out the cooked lobster meat from the package. If you have raw lobster meat, boil the meat in salt water for around 2-3 minutes. 

Step 2:

Mix the lobster meat with the assorted ingredients 

Place chopped lobster meat in large bowl and combine mayonnaise with minced celery and chives. Add a lemon juice at this step to incorporate a slight citrus flavour. Mix thoroughly, and set aside. 

Other additions that pair well with lobster are parsley, dill, scallions, Dijon mustard, and capers. Although traditionally not a part of the lobster roll recipe, these can be added to taste. 


Pan sear the buns and assemble

Butter the sides of the long potato roll while preheating pan over medium-low heat. Toast bread on pan until golden brown and fill with lobster mix made in step 2.

Step 4: