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Cod - Pacific Wild Fillet 8-10 oz

Cod - Pacific Wild Fillet 8-10 oz

Cod - Wild Pacific fillet 8-10 oz

Origin: Alaska

Fish Facts: Pacific Cod, also known as grayfish or gray cod, is an essential commercial fish. Commonly found in the North Pacific Ocean, Yellow Sea, and Bering Straight at depths of up to 2950 feet. Our Pacific Cod is caught using the long line method and is processed promptly after harvesting to ensure sustainability and top quality. Cod is easily distinguished by its three rounded dorsal fins with a barbell (whisker) on the chin. Although in the same family, Pacific Cod does not grow as large as Atlantic Cod however its flesh tends to be moister than the latter. 

Taste/Cooking: Cod is infamous for its mild, versatile flavour as well as its lean texture. Due to the fish’s higher moisture content, the flesh feels firm to the touch and breaks off in large flakes when cooked.  Common methods of preparation include battering, pan frying, baking, steaming, or deep frying. This fish would pair well with our Japanese Togarashi, Jamaican Jerk, Roasted Garlic & Pepper marinade, as well as others.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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