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Crab Meat - Super Lump 1 lb

Crab Meat - Super Lump 1 lb

Crab Meat - Super Lump 1 lbs Tin

Fish Facts: Atlantic Crab or also known as Blue Crab are crustaceans native to the waters of the Western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. These wild caught crabs are cooked, cracked, and packed for your convenience in the kitchen. Crab Lump meat is mainly comprised of smaller/broken pieces of Jumbo Lump as well as pieces of body meat. Jumbo Lump meat is typically taken from the muscles connecting the swimming legs of the crab.

Taste/Cooking: When compared to Crab Claw meat, Crab Lump is considerably larger in size. Furthermore, the meat is white in color and delicate in flavor. This is ideal for a seafood salad or crab cakes. 

Sustainability: Recommended product of MSC.

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