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Tuna - Tuna Tataki 6 oz With Ginger Glaze

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Tuna - Tuna Tataki 6 oz With Ginger Glaze

Tuna - Tuna Tataki 6 oz With Ginger Glaze

Prepared in house, our Tuna Tataki is composed of raw sashimi grade fresh Yellowfin Tuna coated with a blend of Caribbean seasonings before encrusting the tuna with Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley and Cilantro.

Origin: Western Pacific Ocean Fish Facts: Ahi is the Hawaiian name for Yellowfin Tuna. Wild caught using longline catching methods in the Pacific Ocean, Yellowfin tuna is among the larger tuna species, reaching weights over 400 lbs. Yellowfin Tuna is significantly smaller than the Atlantic and Pacific Bluefin Tunas, which can reach over 950 lbs, and are slightly smaller than Big Eye Tuna. True to their name, Yellowfin Tuna is a fish that boasts bright yellow dorsal and anal fins with dark rich meat.

Taste/Cooking: The Tuna Tataki has a fresh island-inspired flavour and comes with an in-house made Ginger Glaze that pairs perfectly when drizzled on top. The Tuna Tataki is best served raw as is or pan seared. Yellowfin Tuna is rich in omega-3 acids and Vitamin B3, which helps lower cholesterol levels.

Sustainability: Oceanwise recommended

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