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Pickerel Lake Erie Jumbo Whole 3-5 lbs

Pickerel Lake Erie Jumbo Whole 3-5 lbs

Lake Erie Pickerel Jumbo Whole 3-5 lbs

Fish is 3-5 lbs with head and guts

Origin: Lake Erie, Ontario

Fish Facts: Pickerel, also known as, Walleye is the largest member of the perch family. They are a freshwater fish and is a high source of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Their pearlescent eyes are a distinguishing feature of the fish, used for hunting/maneuvering in murky waters or at night.

Taste/Cooking: Pickerel is an ideal choice for those concerned about a fishy taste. Its flavour is mild and sweet, the flakes of meat are small while the fish holds a firm texture. Common methods of preparation include, pan frying, baking, deep frying, baked, or grilled. This fish would pair well with our house fresh herb mix, garlic & dill, roasted garlic and pepper, and others.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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