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Sole - Alaskan Fresh Fillet 7-9 oz (2pc)

Sole - Alaskan Fresh Fillet 7-9 oz (2pc)

Sole - Alaskan Fresh Fillet 7-9 oz (Pack of 2)

Origin: Wild Caught in Alaska

Fish Facts: Flathead Sole, as its name suggests, is a flatfish similar to flounder with an oval shaped body and a compressed body. Its top side ranges from a dark olive brown color to grey with a white underside. Its diet consists of clams, brittle stars, smaller fish, and squid. Flathead Sole is native to the waters of the Northern Pacific and are a commercially important fish.

Taste/ Cooking: The flavour of Flathead Sole is mildly sweet, its flavour sometimes described as a cross between tilapia and cod. Its texture is firm yet delicate, consisting of small flakes of meat. Flathead Sole is an excellent choice for first time fish eaters as they have a light fish flavour. Common methods of preparation include pan frying, baking, and grilling. This fish would pair well with our House Mix Fresh Herbs, Jamaican jerk, Cajun, and Garlic & Dill marinades as well as many more.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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