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Caviar - Lake Huron WhiteFish 4 oz

Caviar - Lake Huron WhiteFish 4 oz

Caviar - White Fish - 4 oz

Produced from Wild Whitefish caught in Lake Huron, Canada. 

Food facts: Lake Whitefish, also known as, Otsego bass or Humpback Whitefish, is a freshwater species native to the Great Lakes of North America. After the fish roe has been harvested, they are separated, sorted, and salted to add flavor and preserve the eggs. Whitefish caviar is known for their bright golden color with crunchy texture and small egg sizes. It has a mild fish flavor which is both briny and oily. Typically, caviar is served over top a cracker, toast or blini. Alternatively, they can also be placed on sushi, a salad, or used as a garnish for anything needing an extra layer of flavour. 

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