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Octopus - Spain Oceanwise 4-6 lbs

Octopus - Spain Oceanwise 4-6 lbs

Octopus - Spain Oceanwise 4-6 lbs Frozen

Origin: Wild caught in Spain

Fish Facts: An Octopus is a soft bodied, eight limbed Mollusca which is responsible for being the most intelligent and behaviorally diverse invertebrate. Wild caught using the pot catching method off the coast of Spain, this deep sea delicacy is an essential flavour for Greek, Italian, Spanish, Japanese cuisine, and many more. Octopus is deliciously succulent and tender when prepared properly and is an excellent source of protein, copper, iron, and phosphorus

Taste/Cooking: Octopus is often compared to squid and calamari as they have a similar taste, however its texture is significantly meatier and denser like lobster. Our Octopus comes with its ink-sack and internal organs removed; the only processing required is to remove the beak. This can be done by removing the head and pushing the beak located in the middle of the legs through to the other side. If you would like the Octopus legs to curl like you see in restaurants, try dipping the legs 3-4 times in the poaching broth before you submerge entirely. Common methods of preparation include poaching, steaming, grilling, or frying.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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