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Model: Dungeness Crab 1.5-2 lbs
Live B.C. Dungeness Crab  cull 1.5-2 lbs CullWild pot trap along coat of British Columbia Sustainability: Oceanwise recommended product..
Model: Flounder Fillet 100-200 gm
Flounder - Yellow Tail Fillet 100-200 gmWild catch from New England areaProduct of USA..
Model: Red Ocean Perch 1-2 lbs
Perch - Red Ocean Perch 1-2 lbsFresh Wild Caught from Boston..
Model: Scallops - Hokkaido 41/50 1 kg Pkg
Frozen Scallops from Hokkaido, JapanSize 41/50 scallop in 1 kg pack IQF (Individual Quick Frozen)Farm raised off the Island of North Hokkaido with bottom culture.  A premium scallop with sweet flavour and firmness.Sustainability: MSC certified , Oceanwise recommended product..
Model: Sea Bream - Wild NZ 1-2 lbs
Sea Bream - Wild New Zealand Ike Jime 1-2 lbsIke jime - a humane method of killing fish to maintain the quality..
Model: Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) Fresh Japanase
Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) Fresh Japanese 110 gm trayUni or sea Urchin Roe, someone call it Foie Gras of the sea.  Diving wild caught by hand near Hokkaido Rishiri Island.  An incredible, creamy sushi delicacy.Available on Pre-Orders Only..
Model: Uni Paste
Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) PasteSea Urchin Roe with Soybean, Seasoning.  It is fully cooked and ready to serve, Uni Paste is perfect texture for Sushi Roll sauce and adds depth to creamy seafood sauce.Product of Canada...
Snapper Fillet - Red 4-6 oz
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Model: Red Snapper Fillet - 4-6 oz
Snapper Fillet - Red 4-6 oz..
Model: Tuna - Otoro (Fatty Tuna) 1 lbs
Tuna - Bluefin Otoro (Fatty Tuna) 1 lbs - Previously Super Frozen Wild Caught Northern Bluefin Tuna from JapanPre-Order is Required***..
Model: Anchovy white Fillets (Pack of 2) 200gm
Marinated (with Sunflower Oil, White Vinegar) White Anchovy Fillets in Oil - 200gFrom Sciacca, Product of Italy..
Arctic Char - Canadian Frozen Fillet 8-14 oz (Pack of 2)
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Model: Arctic Char Cdn Frozen fillet (2 x 8-14 oz )
Arctic Char - Canadian fillet 8-14 ozArctic Char farm raised at University of Guelph Research Center, near Elmira, Ontario Inland base with whole fish size 2-4 lbs size.  Feed with no pigment and additive. Another source from Regal farm in New Brunswick when char from Guelph University is ..
Model: Arctic Char Iceland 6 oz portion
Arctic Char - Iceland fillet 6 oz portionLand Based Farming Arctic Char in IcelandSustainability: Oceanwise recommended..
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