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Model: Seafood Box - All Canadian
Seafood Box - All CanadianEnjoy premium seafood options with our exclusive All Canadian Seafood BoxEast Coast Halibut 2 x 6 oz PortionsB.C. Organic King 2 x 6 oz PortionsOntario Rainbow Trout 2 FilletsP.E.I. Organic Mussels 2 lbs Nova Scotia Lobster Tails 2 x 5/6 oz Newfoundland Salad Shrimp 2.5 lbs..
Model: Seafood Box - BBQ Package
Seafood Box - BBQ Season Package:Enjoy premium seafood options with our exclusive BBQ Package.Atlantic Salmon (2 x 6oz)Canadian Halibut (2 x 6oz)Scallops U10 (1 lbs)Squid 5/8 (3.2 lbs Block) Shrimp Argentine Wild 16/20 Easy Peel (2 lbs)Fresh Herb Mix (2 x 2 oz)Cedar Plank (1 Piece)..
Model: Seafood Box - Canadian Oyster Box
Seafood Box - Canadian Oyster BoxEnjoy premium seafood options with our exclusive Canadian Oyster BoxMalpeque Oyster x 12 pcsEast Coast Medium Oyster x 12 pcsLarge East Coast Oyster x 12 pcsRoyal Miyagi Oyster x 12 pcsKusshi Oyster x 12 pcsFrench Shallot Vinaigrette Oyster Sauce x 1 ..
Model: Seafood Box - Mediterranean Taste
Seafood Box - Mediterranean TasteEnjoy premium seafood options with our exclusive Mediterranean Taste PackageEuropean Sea Bass Cleaned (1 pc, 400-600 gm)European Sea Bream Cleaned (1 pc, 400-600 gm)Octopus T3 (1 pc)Squid 5/8 (3.2 lbs) Shrimp Black Tiger 21/25 Easy Peel (2 lbs)Manila Clams (2 lb..
Model: Uni Fresh Boston 60 gm
Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) Fresh Boston 60 gmOrigin: Boston, MassachusettsFish Facts: Skilled and experienced divers swim off the coast of Massachusetts to harvest our Uni by hand.  After harvesting, preparation for market includes removing the eggs which is the most prominent component of its..
Model: Turbot - French 1-1.3 lbs
Fresh French Turbot 1-1.3 lbsOrigin: Farm raised in FranceFish Facts: Turbot, being a part of the flounder family, is a flat groundfish that is highly sought after by professional chefs and commercial fishers alike. Turbot is well known for its delicate flavor, unique texture, and simplicity in ..
Model: B.C. Geo Duck Grade A 2.5 lbs
Clams - B.C. Geo Duck Grade A ~ 2.5 lbsOrigin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Geoduck is the largest burrowing clam in the world. Averaging a lifespan of 140 years, while oldest ever recorded is 168 years old, Geoducks are also one of the longest living animals on earth. This type of clam is..
Crab - Dungeness Crab Cull Live 1.5-2 lbs
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Model: Dungeness Crab 1.5-2 lbs Cull
Live B.C. Dungeness Crab 1.5-2 lbs CullOrigin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Dungeness Crab is an essential flavour in the kitchen as well as a crucial shellfish in our industry. The common name comes from the Port of Dungeness, Washington where the crabs naturally flourish and is..
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Model: Crawfish - Unseasoned Frozen (2.5 lbs)
Crawfish - Unseasoned Frozen (2.5 lbs)Under 15 pcs per 1 lbsOrigin: Wild caught LouisianaFish Facts: Crawfish, also known as Crayfish, Mudbugs, or Freshwater Lobster, is an essential ingredient for Cajun cooking and is a mainstay in the culture. Mainly found in USA and New Zealand, these freshwat..
Mackerel - Boston Blue Wild Whole (2 pcs)
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Model: Mackerel Boston Blue Wild. Wh (2 pcs) 0.7-1 lbs
Boston Blue Mackerel Whole 0.5-1 lbs per pieceOrigin: Boston, MassachusettsFish Facts: Wild caught off the coast of Boston using gill nets, these fish typically travel in shoals at a depth of 200 m.  Mackerel is one of the highest ranked fish in terms of omega-3 content. Just 3 ounces of co..
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Model: Mussels - NZ Kiwi 800 gm
Mussels - NZ Greenshell (Kiwi) 800 gm FrozenOrigin: New Zealand Fish Facts: Greenshell or Kiwi mussels are known for their vibrant green shell and meat that ranges from a cream colour (Male) to apricot  colour (female). They are grown using a sophisticated suspension technique from 6 diffe..
Oysters - B.C. Fanny Bay Large (6 pcs)
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Model: B.C. Fanny Bay Large (6 pcs)
Oysters - B.C. Fanny Bay Large (6 pcs)Harvested from the eastern side of Vancouver Island4-5 inches in lengthOysters have a mild and sweet creamy flavour.Sustainability: Oceanwise recommended product..
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