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Hiramasa (Yellowtail Kingfish) - Sashimi Grade Loin 6-7 oz
Hiramasa (Yellowtail Kingfish) - Sashimi Grade Loin 6-7 oz

6-7oz - Fresh

Specialty Fish

1 piece

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Origin: Farm Raised From Denmark

Fish Facts: Hiramasa, also known as Yellowtail Amberjack or Hiramasa Kingfish, is the cousin of the Japanese Hamachi. Known to be robust, fast growing, and most importantly great tasting Hiramasa is an ideal choice for aquaculture programs worldwide. The name Hiramasa is used to differentiate the farm raised version versus the wild caught Yellowtail Amberjack. The farmed raised fish tend to have higher levels of fat content, cleaner flavor and firmer texture.

Taste/Cooking: Hiramasa when compared to Hamachi tends to be milder in flavour and has a lower oil content. The texture is firm consisting of large sized flakes and the flesh has a light-pale pink color. As the fish possesses a mild flavour, it compliments well with bolder seasonings/marinades such as citrus or scallion. Common methods of preparation include pan frying, bbqing, or grilling. This fish would pair well with our Japanese Togarashi, Miso Paste, House Fresh Herb Mix, as well as many more.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.


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