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Tuna - Bluefin Akami Saku Loin Superfrozen (5-6 oz)
Tuna - Bluefin Akami Saku Loin Superfrozen (5-6 oz)

Super Frozen, Vacuum Sealed

Super Frozen, Vacuum Sealed

1 pc


Super Frozen - Sashimi Grade

Arrives to you in a vacuum sealed package frozen. For optimal defrosting, place the vacuum sealed package in a bowl of ice water and let it sit for 3 hours. After that, take the fish out of the vacuum seal, rinse it under cold water for a couple seconds, pat it down, and then it is ready to be sliced!

Origin: Nagasaki, Japan.

Fish Facts: When butchering a whole Tuna, the fish is divided into three categories based on its fat marbling: Otoro (high concentration of marbling), Chutoro (medium marbling), and Akami (little marbling/ lean). Akami is the most common and frequently used part of the fish as it makes up 70% of the fish’s butchered weight. This lean red meat is located near the center of the fish along the spine, whereas Otoro and Chutoro are located closer to the fish’s belly.

Taste and Cooking: Akami Tuna when compared to Otoro and Chutoro can be easily recognized by its darker red color. Its leanness gives the fish a meatier texture than cuts found along the belly, as well as a more prominent fish flavour. Akami Tuna can be served in a multitude of ways such as maki rolls, nigiri sushi, sashimi, as well as poke. 

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