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Oysters - B.C. Kusshi

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Oysters - B.C. Kusshi
Oysters - B.C. Kusshi

6pc - One Type

6pc - One Type

1 pack


Origin: Vancouver Island

**NEW** Choose your Pack: 6pc, 12pc, or 18pc

Kusshi oysters are extensively sought after for their size, cleanliness, and flavor. Kusshi roughly translates to “ultimate” in Japanese, which is no understatement when considering its processing and harvesting method. To start, the oysters are grown using a suspended system. This is beneficial for the farmer and environment as this method takes up less real estate and protects against predators. A regular tumbling routine is also part of the Kusshi farming process, as this allows for the oyster to develop a deeper cup, stronger shell, and firmer flesh. The flavour of Kusshi oysters starts off briny with a clean delicate flavour and has a sweet minerally finish. This oyster would pair well with fresh lemon, cocktail sauce, or our house made Oyster Mignonette.

Sustainability: Oceanwise recommended product

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