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Caviar - Wild Hokkaido Shoyu Ocean Trout Roe (500 gm)
Caviar - Wild Hokkaido Shoyu Ocean Trout Roe (500 gm)

500gm - Frozen


1 pc


Wild Ocean Trout marinated in Soy Sauce Frozen

Origin: Wild Caught from Hokkaido Prefecture

Fish Facts: Ocean Trout, also known as ‘Masu’ in Japanese, is a species found commonly in the northern parts of the Pacific Ocean. ‘Ikura’ in Japanese refers to fish eggs that have been harvested before spawning. After separating the eggs from the membrane, the manufacturer adds a combination of salt, sugar, dashi, natural coloring, and flavorings to enhance taste and prolong shelf life.

Taste and Cooking: When compared to Salmon Ikura, Masu Ikura will be smaller in size and milder in flavor. The flavor of Masu Ikura is sweet, salty, and slightly smoky. The texture is soft with a popping sensation. Masu Ikura is generally used as a garnish or added as a finishing touch, it can also be enjoyed as is over rice or on top of sushi. 

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