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Clams - Cherrystone (5 Pcs)
Clams - Cherrystone (5 Pcs)

5pcs- Fresh


1 pack

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X-Large Size (3-4 inches)

Origin: Harvested in Boston

Fish Facts: Also known as Ocean Quahogs, Cherrystones are the same species of clam as our Littlenecks. The different names are only a reference to their size. Larger sized Quahogs will be meatier and a tad chewier, however, they carry more flavour and natural sweetness.

Taste and Cooking: Cherrystones are an extremely versatile ingredient as they can consumed raw or cooked. This large clam is both sweet and tender, making it ideal for stuffing, broiling, steaming, or eating as is. Try soaking your clams in cold water 20-30 mins prior to cooking, this will encourage the clams to spit out sand from inside their shell.


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