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Smoked Whitefish - Wild Ontario (8-12 oz)

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Smoked Whitefish -  Wild Ontario (8-12 oz)
Smoked Whitefish - Wild Ontario (8-12 oz)

8-12oz - Frozen


1 pc

Smoked Seafood

1 Piece Vacuum Packed

Origin: Lake Eerie, Ontario

Food Facts: Before smoking, the Ontario Whitefish is cured using a specific blend of sugar, salt, and spices. A mixture of hickory, cherry, maple, and oak wood is then used to smoke the fish to perfection. Low and slow is the approach taken when smoking the fish to ensure optimal flavour and smoke penetration.

Taste and Cooking: Smoked Whitefish have a dense and meaty mouth feel. It carries a mild fish flavour which is briny to start and finishes off sweet. Smoked Whitefish can be enjoyed as is, over a cracker, or on a salad. Whitefish can also be incorporated into any dip or spread to make a flavourful starter. Smoked whitefish pairs great with a side of lemon, onion, capers, and fresh herbs. 

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