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Tuna - Bonito Katsuo Tataki (250-350 gm)
Tuna - Bonito Katsuo Tataki (250-350 gm)

250-350gm - Frozen


1 pc


Origin: Kochi, Japan

Fish Facts: Katsuo Tataki is a local specialty in the Kochi prefecture. This dish consists of one main ingredient ‘Katsuo’. In Japanese ‘Katsuo’ translates to Bonito fish. ‘Tataki’ refers to raw fish that has been seared on the outside.

Taste and Cooking: Bonito on its own tastes like a cross between Tuna and Mackerel, however, the flesh may not be as firm as Tuna. Since Bonito is an oilier and fatter fish, it gives off a strong piscine flavour which pairs great with the smokiness from the searing. Katsuo tataki is typically served with grated daikon radish, ponzu sauce, and green onion. 

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