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Crab Meat - Wild Red King Sashimi Leg (2 Pcs)
Crab Meat - Wild Red King Sashimi Leg (2 Pcs)

2pc - Frozen


1 pack


Size: 10-12 pcs per kg.

Origin: Caught in Alaska

Fish Facts: Currently there are three major species of King Crab that are commercially caught; Red, Blue, and Gold King Crab. Red King Crab is the most sought after for its larger size and flavourful meat. King Crabs are recognized by their spikey exterior and elongated legs. Our King Crab is wild caught in Alaska using pots, sorting takes place while harvesting to ensure optimal quality and sustainability. Once caught, the King Crab Legs are carefully hand picked to obtain premium sashimi quality. 

Taste/Cooking: The flavour of King Crab is often compared to that of Lobster. Rich, sweet, with a mild seafood flavour. Our King Crab Leg meat comes without the shell, making it perfect for slicing for sashimi. King Crab is a very versatile ingredient; however, a common pairing would be to serve with garlic/herb butter and lemon.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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