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Tuna - Bluefin Otoro with Bone (Fatty Tuna) 6-8 oz
Tuna - Bluefin Otoro with Bone (Fatty Tuna) 6-8 oz

Super Frozen, Vacuum Sealed

Super Frozen, Vacuum Sealed

1 pc


Super Frozen - Sashimi Grade- Bone IN

Arrives to you in a vacuum sealed package frozen. For optimal defrosting, place the vacuum sealed package in a bowl of ice water and let it sit for 3 hours. After that, take the fish out of the vacuum seal, rinse it under cold water for a couple seconds, pat it down, and then it is ready to be sliced!

Origin: Nagasaki, Japan

Fish Facts: Bluefin Tuna also known as Atlantic Tuna, Northern Bluefin, or Giant Bluefin is a highly regarded fish in culinary arts as well as in recreational sport fishing. Our Bluefin Tuna is wild caught from Japan using the hook and line method. When compared to other species of Tuna, Bluefin grows the largest and are able to accumulate more fat in its belly, which is highly sought after. Akami and Toro are the two main categories when butchering a Tuna: Akami refers to the lean, dark red meat of the tuna typically used for sushi and sashimi. Toro in Japanese translates “to melt”, referring to the fattier parts of the Tuna generally consumed sashimi style. The Akami cuts are further broken down into Senaka, Sekami, and Seshimo whereas the Toro cuts are broken down into Harakami (Otoro), Haranaka (Chutoro), and Harashimo.

Taste/Cooking: Otoro is a Japanese delicacy often enjoyed raw with a bit of soy sauce, as sushi, or over rice. When compared to Chutoro, the flesh is not as dense and has more of a buttery finish. White lines are visible and are an indication of fat content. Tuna tataki or seared tuna is also a popular option, this cooking method is great for those who do not enjoy fully raw fish. The previously mentioned recipe can be easily prepared at home by seasoning both sides lightly with salt and pepper, followed by a quick 1 min sear on each side. Brown off the edges to finish then carve into your perfectly rare center.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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