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Squid - Japanese Yari Ika Spear (315-365 gm)

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Squid - Japanese Yari Ika Spear (315-365 gm)
Squid - Japanese Yari Ika Spear (315-365 gm)

315-365gm - Frozen


1 pc


Origin: Ibaraki, Japan

Fish Facts: Spear Squid, also known as Heterololigo, is a species native to the western Pacific Ocean. Referred to as Yari Ika in Japanese, this is an extremely important food fish in Japan. When fresh, this squid has a beautiful translucent colour which turns an opaque white after aging or drying. This species of squid can be easily identified by its short tentacles and wide fin.

Taste and Cooking: Yari Ika is known to have a firm, bouncy texture when consumed raw. The squid carries a succulent, almost crunchy feel, which is full of flavour and finishes off sweet. When the squid is cooked, it is extremely tender and melts in your mouth. This delicacy is best enjoyed raw as sashimi or sushi, however, it is also delicious when grilled, boiled, or fried.

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