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Rockfish - B.C. Frozen Fillet 4-6 oz

Rockfish - B.C. Frozen Fillet 4-6 oz

Rockfish - Frozen B.C. Fillet 4-6 oz

Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

Fish Facts: Pacific Rockfish, also referred to as Rose Fish, or Red Bream is found in abundance just off the coast of Northern British Columbia as well as the Gulf of Alaska. Rockfish share many similarities to bass, having large eyes, a pouted lower lip, and a compressed body. Despite its common names, Rockfish species are known to come in a variety of colors from black, dark blue, olive green, and even yellow. These fish have a naturally low mortality rate and have the potential to live up to 100 years. Our British Columbia Rockfish is caught using midwater trawls. Mid water trawling allows for targeted fishing at a specific depth while also leaving the seabed untouched. Rockfish is an excellent source of protein, vitamin D, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Taste/Cooking: Rockfish’s texture is close to bass, the meat is lean, firm, and delicate. Its flavour is relatively mild since it is a low oil fish and has a slightly sweet, nutty finish. As this is a milder fish, Rockfish will easily take on flavours of ingredients added to your dish. Common methods of preparation include baking, pan frying, deep frying, or grilling. This fish would pair well with our Jamaican Jerk, Basil Pesto, Garlic & Dill, as well as others.  

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