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Octopus - Marinated With Wasabi "Tako Wasabi" 1 kg

Octopus - Marinated With Wasabi "Tako Wasabi" 1 kg

Octopus - Tako Wasabi Marinated Octopus 1 kg 

Raw Octopus tossed in Wasabi

Origin: Product of Japan

Food Facts: Known as Takowasa in Japanese, this dish is made of raw/cooked octopus flavoured with Japanese horseradish (wasabi). Traditionally consumed raw, this popular izakaya dish pairs perfectly with wine and is typically served with a piece of seaweed. Our Tako Wasabi comes raw and frozen.

Taste/Cooking: The texture of Tako Wasabi is a combination of crunchy and chewy from the octopus. Raw octopus, however, will give off a slick texture in comparison to cooked octopus. The flavour of Tako Wasabi is pleasantly spicy, slightly briny, and has a sweet finish from the octopus.

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