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Salmon - NZ Premium ORA KING 2 x 6 oz

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Salmon - NZ Premium ORA KING 2 x 6 oz

Salmon - NZ Premium ORA KING 2 x 6 oz

Origin: New Zealand

Fish Facts: Ora King Salmon is harvested from New Zealand waters and is considered the "Wagyu of the Sea". This is due to the extreme high fat content and beautiful marbling of its rich orangey-red meat. The flesh of Ora King is delicate and soft with a full, pronounced buttery flavour and large flake. This celebrated culinary ingredient is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed both raw or cooked with a wide variety of flavours. Ora King Salmon is loaded with omega 3, vitamin D, vitamin B (5&6), and high-quality protein. Salmon are also anadromous, which means they are born in fresh water, migrate to salt water, and then return to freshwater to spawn. Spawning is typically the last stage in a salmon’s life cycle.

Taste/Cooking: As salmon is considered an oily fish, it is often described as having a medium fat content and flavour intensity. The texture is tender and flakey with a rich, buttery finish. These profiles can differ slightly depending on the breed of salmon and method of harvesting. Preferred cooking methods include smoking, baking, grilling, and poaching. This fish would pair well with our house made fresh Herb Mix, Garlic & Dill, Teriyaki and Sesame, Jamiacan Jerk, Miso Paste,  Cajun seasoning, and others.

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