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Sardines - Large Portuguese Wild - 750 gm Pkg

Sardines - Large Portuguese Wild - 750 gm Pkg

Sardines -  Large Portuguese Wild Whole - 750 gm Pkg 


Origins: Portugal

Fish Facts: Wild caught from Portugal using the long line method, these small delicacies belong to the herring family. The term “sardine” was coined in the early 15th century and may have come from the island of Sardinia, which used to be a bountiful fishing location for this species. Typically travelling in large schools in the Atlantic, Indian, and the western portion of the Pacific Ocean; these fish are commonly fished at night when they rise to the surface to feed.

Taste/Cooking:  Depending on size, the flavour of the fish can differ slightly.  Generally speaking; its taste is similar to anchovies however many consumers agree that it is slightly milder in flavour. Smaller Sardines tend to be more delicate and flakey, where, larger Sardines provide a fuller oilier flavour. Preferred cooking methods panfrying, grilling, BBQ, or baked. This fish would go well with our house made Fresh Herb Mix, Garlic & Dill, or just with salt, pepper, lemon, and olive oil.

Sustainability: Ocean Wise recommended product

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