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Clams - P.E.I. Little Neck Clams 10 pcs

Clams - P.E.I. Little Neck Clams 10 pcs

Clams - Little Neck Clams 10 pcs

Roughly 10 pcs per LB.

Origin: Prince Edward Island

Fish Facts: Also known as a hard clam or a Quahog, this type of clam can be found anywhere between Prince Edward Island to the Yucatan Peninsula.  Ranging from colors of white to grey, its rounder shell and concentric rings are the trademark for Littleneck Clams.

Taste/Cooking: Littleneck Clams are known for plump, tender, juicy meat. It has a mild seafood flavour that starts off briny and ends off sweet. Preferred cooking methods include steaming, stir frying, or roasting. Also, a great addition to any sauce, soup, or stew.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise. 

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