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Clams - B.C. Savoury - 2 Lbs

Clams - B.C. Savoury - 2 Lbs

Clams - BC Savoury - 2 Lbs

Origin: Fanny Bay, British Columbia

Fish Facts: Also known as the Varnish Clam, Savory Clams are recognized for their thin, shallow cup, and its shiny brown exterior.  This species has a higher tolerance to changes in salinity and can sometimes be found thriving in areas where salt and fresh water mix.

Taste/Cooking: Compared to Manila Clams, Savory Clams has a more tender meat. They also cook faster than Littlenecks and Manila Clams due to the thickness of their shell. Preferred cooking methods include; steaming, stir frying, or roasting. Also, a great addition to any sauce, soup, or stew.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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