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Shrimp Salad 150/250

Shrimp Salad 150/250

Shrimp Salad 150/250 - 1 lb


Size: 150- 250 pieces per 1 lb.  

Origin: Wild Caught from Newfoundland

Fish Facts: Coldwater Sweet Shrimp, also known as Pandalus Borealis are typically found in the northern parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Coldwater shrimps grow slower and live longer than their warmwater counterparts, this gives them ample time to develop their unique texture and flavour. Not only are these an excellent source of protein but they are also known to be a good source of essential vitamins and minerals, such as B-12, Zinc, and Iodine.

Taste and Cooking: Coldwater Sweet Shrimps are known for their sweet flavour and firm texture. Although small in size, they pack a delightful piscine flavour which is not overpowering and has a sweet finish. These shrimps would be a great addition to a salad, soup, or casserole. Please note that these shrimps have already been blanche. When adding to a recipe which requires further heating, we would recommend adding these last as to avoid overcooking.

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