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Shrimp Wild Argentina Easy Peel 16/20

Shrimp Wild Argentina Easy Peel 16/20

Shrimp Wild Argentina Easy Peel 16/20 - 2 lbs

Head Off, Shell On, Deveined Wild Caught Argentina Shrimp

Origin: Wild Caught off the coast of Argentina

Fish Facts: Don’t let the colour of the shell fool you. Our of Argentinian Shrimp, also known as Patagonian Red Shrimp, are naturally reddish pink when raw. After cooking they maintain their beautiful reddish pink colour while the meat turns an opaque white. The cold and clean waters off the coast of Argentina are contributors to its delicate texture and sweet taste. Studies have shown that wild caught Argentinean Shrimp have a shorter reproduction cycle when compared to other species. Natural stock is not affected as severely, therefore making it a more sustainable option for wild caught shrimp.

Taste and Cooking: Argentinean shrimp has a dense texture with a sweet, buttery finish. Many describe its taste being a cross between lobster and spot prawns while its texture more closely resembles that of lobster. Common methods of preparation include grilling, pan frying, baking, or steaming. Our Argentinean Wild Shrimp pairs well with fresh herbs & olive oil and tastes great with garlic & butter. 

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