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Anchovy - White Fillets Marinated in Oil 100g (Pack of 2)

Anchovy - White Fillets Marinated in Oil 100g (Pack of 2)

Marinated White Anchovy Fillets in Oil - 100 gm (Pack of 2)

Anchovy White Fillets

Origin: Sicily, Italy

Fish Facts: Fresh caught anchovies which are gutted, brined, and packed in vinegar. This snack is also known as Boquerones, an appetizer/tapas found in Spain. Anchovies are part of the herring family and is considered to be an oily fish, they are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein.  

Taste/Cooking: Our preserved anchovy fillets are ideal for fish fans and experienced eaters alike. Boasting a heavy fish and salt flavour, these would be a great topping for any salad, pizza, or pasta. This versatile ingredient can also be added to sauces such as Caesar dressing and Worchester sauce. Marinated anchovies can also be enjoyed on their own, with a green olive or on a piece of toast/cracker, just don’t forget the wine!

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