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Cucumber - Sea Cucumber (1 lbs)

Cucumber - Sea Cucumber (1 lbs)

Cucumber - Sea Cucumber (1 lbs) Frozen

Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

Fish Facts: Contrary to popular belief, the Sea Cucumber is related to the Sea Urchin and Starfish families. Sea Cucumbers have a soft cylindrical body with an elongated body and leathery skin. These can be found in abundance along the sea floor. At depths deeper than 9 km, Sea Cucumbers make up 90% of the total mass of macrofauna (visible organisms). Sea Cucumbers are reported to treat and prevent diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, and other baceterial infections. These are an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, B2, B3, calcium and magnesium. Sea Cucumbers are also known to be an exceptional source for chondroitin sulfate, which is used to treat arthritis and other ailments. The Cucumbers should be boiled for 1-2 hours first until they are completely soft.

Taste/Cooking: Sea Cucumbers have a slippery texture, firm meat, and can sometimes have a crunchy consistency.  Its flavour is often described as bland or discreet, however, the Sea Cucumber is a very versatile ingredient as it absorbs sauces and seasoning. Common methods of preparation include, frying, braising, stir frying, or included in a soup/stew.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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