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Cuttlefish - Ink 500 gm

Cuttlefish - Ink 500 gm

Cuttlefish - Ink 500 gm Jar

Fish Facts:  Cuttlefish is typically caught using the jigging method, which involves a metal lure being lowered into the water to attract the cuttlefish. Once the cuttlefish attacks the lure, it becomes entangled and is ready to be hauled onboard. Cuttlefish fishermen always fish at night and use a system of lights to attract the nocturnal cuttlefish towards the jigs. Once caught, the fishermen remove the ink sacs from the cuttlefish to harvest the ink. 

Taste/Cooking: The flavour of cuttlefish ink is described as rich and briny. Due to its mild flavor profile, cuttlefish ink is an ideal seasoning for dishes such as  pasta, rice, bread and fish.

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