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Squid Tubes Cleaned U-10 Size - 2lbs Pkg

Squid Tubes Cleaned U-10 Size - 2lbs Pkg

Frozen Cleaned Squid Tubes U-10 Size 2 lbs Pkg

Origin: Thailand

Fish Facts: Our squid tubes comes fully cleaned and ready to eat once defrosted. The skin, beak, and internal shell have already been removed for your convenience in the kitchen. Loligo squid is one of the most sought after and widely distributed genus of squid. Squid is typically caught using the jigging method, which involves a metal lure being lowered into the water to attract the squid. Once the squid attacks the lure, it becomes entangled and is ready to be hauled onboard. Squid fishermen always fish at night and use a system of lights to attract the nocturnal squid towards the jigs. 

Taste/Cooking: The flavor of squid is described as mild and sweet, with a slight nutty finish. Its texture is firm and meaty when cooked and turns an opaque white color. Due to its mild flavor profile, squid compliments well with bolder flavors making this ingredient extremely versatile. Common methods of preparation include deep frying, searing, grilling, or stuffing with breadcrumbs/rice. 

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