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Tuna - White Loin (B.C. Albacore)

Tuna - White Loin (B.C. Albacore)

Tuna - White Loin (B.C. Albacore) Frozen 0.9-1.25 lbs

Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

Fish Facts: Albacore Tuna, also known as Longfin Tuna, is a commercially and recreationally significant fish. Marketed as ‘White Tuna’, this fish is commercially sought after for raw consumption and canning. Albacore Tuna are also highly regarded by anglers as they are known to have immense power and endurance. Our British Columbia Albacore Tuna are caught using the pole-line fishing method. This fishing technique is ideal for limiting bycatch and maintaining wild fish stock. Albacore Tuna is an excellent source of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B-12, and Selenium.

Taste/Cooking: When compared to Yellowtail or Bigeye Tuna, Albacore is significantly fatter and has a richer taste. Although the fish does not grow as large, its flesh remains firm and consists of large flakes. The texture of tuna is often described as steak-like, Albacore is no exception however it carries a lighter fish flavor. Common methods of preparation include baking, poaching, pan frying, and broiling. This fish would pair well with our House Fresh Herb Mix, Garic & Dill, Cajun, as well as others.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

Vacuum packing can extend the shelf life as it reduces odor and texture changes that may cause fish to spoil. It also helps to prevent water loss and keeps the fish/shellfish from dying out. 


Please note: When thawing frozen fish it is important to remove the fish from the vacuum sealed packaging. 

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