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Vacuum Packaging
Vacuum Packaging
Model: ORA KING Salmon (Vac Pac) 2 x 6 oz
Salmon - NZ Premium ORA KING 2 x 6 oz (Vacuum Sealed)Origin: New ZealandFish Facts: Ora King Salmon is harvested from New Zealand waters and is considered the "Wagyu of the Sea". This is due to the extreme high fat content and beautiful marbling of its rich orangey-red meat. The flesh of O..
Model: Arctic Char Cdn (Vac Pac) 2x10-15oz
Arctic Char portion 2 x 10-15 oz in Vacuum Sealed bagOrigin: Erin, OntarioFish Facts: Arctic Char is considered a member of the Salmonid family, although similar in appearance to salmon, the flesh is lighter in color and the fish do not grow as large. When farming Arctic Char, farmers must..
Model: Actic Char Ice. (Vac Pac) 2 x 6oz
Arctic Char - Iceland Fresh Portion 6 oz (Pack of 2 Vacuum Sealed)Origin: Grindavik, IcelandFish Facts: Arctic Char is considered a member of the Salmonid family, although similar in appearance to Salmon, the flesh is lighter in color and the fish do not grow as large. Although being a par..
Model: Wild Black Cod (Vac Pac) 2 x 6 oz
Black Cod Wild 2 x 6 oz - Vacuum packOrigin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Contrary to popular perception, Black Cod is part of the Sablefish family not Cod. This deep-sea fish dwells at depths of up to 5000 feet and can be found anywhere in the North Pacific Ocean. Considered to ..
Model: Cod - Iceland (Vac Pac) 2 x 6 oz
Cod - Iceland Wild Skin On Fillet 6 oz (Pack of 2 Vacuum Sealed)Origin: IcelandFish Facts: Cod caught from Iceland’s cold waters tend to be larger and has a unique flavor. The size and flavor of the fish are mainly due to its diet which consists of shellfish, crustaceans, and small fish. O..
Model: Cod - Pacific (Vac Pac) 2 x 8-10 oz
Cod - Pacific Wild Fillet 8-10 oz (Pack of 2 Vacuum Sealed)Origin: AlaskaFish Facts: Pacific Cod, also known as grayfish or gray cod, is an essential commercial fish. Commonly found in the North Pacific Ocean, Yellow Sea, and Bering Straight at depths of up to 2950 feet. Our Pacific Cod is..
Model: Haddock Fillet Cnd 5-7oz (2pc Vacuum Seal)
Haddock - Fresh Fillet Canadian 5-7oz (Pack of 2 Vacuum Sealed)Skin On Boneless Fillets Origin: Wild caught from Nova ScotiaFish Facts: Recognized by its iconic wedge-shaped head and long, thin body; Haddock is a saltwater member of the Cod family. Their diet mainly consists of smalle..
Model: Halibut (Vac Pac) 2 x 6 oz
Halibut - Wild Canadian Fresh 6 oz Portion (Pack of 2 Vacuum Sealed)Origin: Nova ScotiaFish Facts: Atlantic Halibut is the largest and most commercially valuable fish in the Atlantic Ocean. This bottom feeder is found in abundance at depths of 200-500m and is also a part of the flounder fa..
Model: Atl. Salmon (Vac Pac) 2 x 6 oz
Salmon - Atlantic Canadian 2 x 6 oz (Vacuum Sealed)Origin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Salmon is known to be one of the most nutrient dense foods. Loaded with omega 3, vitamin D, vitamin B (5&6), and high-quality protein. Salmon are also anadromous, which means they are born..
Model: Org King (Vac Pac) 2 x 6 oz
Salmon - Organic King  2 x 6 oz - Vacuum pack Origin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: King Salmon, also known as Chinook or Spring Salmon, gets its name from being the largest species of Pacific Salmon. Preferred for its flavor and texture, respected for its size and power..
Model: Irish Org. Salmon (Vac Pac) 2 x 6 oz
Salmon - Irish Organic 2 x 6 oz (Vacuum Sealed)Origin: IrelandFish Facts: Irish Organic Salmon was the first seafood product to receive the official French Agriculture Biologique status in 2001. Attaining this status means the farms’ production method combines the best environmental practi..
Model: Scallop 10-20 (Vac Pac) - 1 lb
Scallop 10-20 (1 lb) - Vacuum bagOrigin: Boston, MassachusettsFish Facts: While a vast majority of bivalves are typically slow moving and infaunal (aquatic animals that live in substrate), the Sea Scallop is the exception to the rule. Equipped with a large adductor muscle in the center of ..
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