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Caviar - Blini Caviar Pancakes (16pcs)

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Caviar - Blini Caviar Pancakes (16pcs)
Caviar - Blini Caviar Pancakes (16pcs)

16 pcs - Frozen


1 pack


Origin: France

Fish Facts: Blini are small yeasted pancakes that originate from Russia. They are traditionally made with buckwheat and are thicker than a French crepe. In the early days, Caviar was added to the batter which was a hit with the Russian Royals and so the pairing was born.

Taste/Cooking: Our Blini’s have a mild savory taste which pairs well with all types of Caviar. They are best served warmed in the oven or microwave. Apart from being traditionally topped with caviar, Blini’s can also be topped with Smoked Salmon. 

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