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We have seven trucks to deliver across GTA.

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Sea Bass (Branzino) 3-5 oz Frozen Fillet (Pack of 4)Farm raised in Turkey or Greece pending freight availability. Also called Mediterranean Bass. ..
Haddock - Frozen Loins 4 ozChoice of a pack of 4 x 4 oz portions or a 10 lbs value pack of 4 oz portions...
Tuna - Bluefin Otoro (Fatty Tuna) 0.8-1 lbs - Previously Super Frozen Wild Caught Northern Bluefin Tuna from JapanPre-Order is Required***..
Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Frozen - 715 gmFrozen Cold- Smoked Sockeye Salmon caught using the Gill net catching method as the swim close to the shore ..
Halibut Collars - Wild Canadian Frozen 3 lbsWild caught using the  long line catching method off the coast of Nova ScotiaWhen product is not avai..
Pacific Oyster (Kusshi) 6 pcsNext available date is July 9th Thursday afternoon delivery/pick upGrown in the rich waters of Deep Bay, British Columbia..
Live B.C. Dungeness Crab 1.5-2 lbs CullWild Pot caught along the coast of British ColumbiaSustainability: Oceanwise recommended product..
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can be marinated for you

House Fresh Herb Mix (Rosemary, tyme, parsley, sage, fresh garlic, pepper, oil) | Garlic & Dil | Roasted Garlic & Pepper | Maple Dijon

Maple BBQ | Cajun | Teriyaki Sesame Sauce with Sesame Seeds.