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Tuna - Saku Steak Frozen 8-12 ozVacuum packing can extends shell life because it reduces odors and texture changes that cause fish to spoil plus preve..
Haddock Iceland 2 x 6 oz - Vacuum packWild catch with long line catching method around coast of IcelandSustainability: MSC certified..
Fresh wild Swordfish Steak - 6ozWild catch with handlines/pole line along Atlantic coast of America from Carolina to Florida, depending on the seasonP..
Mussels - Live Organic PEI 2 lbs bagsCertified organic by Global Trust.  From seed to mature mussel to very facet of long-line farming practice&n..
Canadian Farm Atlantic Salmon Fresh 2 x 6 oz portions, Raised and harvested from the farm at New Brunswick / British Columbia  Sustaina..
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can be marinated for you

House Fresh Herb Mix (Rosemary, tyme, parsley, sage, fresh garlic, pepper, oil) | Garlic & Dil | Roasted Garlic & Pepper | Maple Dijon

Maple BBQ | Cajun | Teriyaki Sesame Sauce with Sesame Seeds.