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We have seven trucks to deliver across GTA.

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Halibut Collars - Wild Canadian Frozen 3 lbsOrigin: Nova ScotiaFish Facts: Atlantic Halibut is the largest and most commercially valuable fi..
Cod - B.C. Black Cod Previously Frozen 6oz PortionsOrigin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Contrary to popular perception, Black Cod is part of..
Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Frozen - 715 gmOrigin: Richmond, British Columbia Fish Facts: Nanuk branded items were established back in 1970 with t..
Spanish Mackerel Whole 1-2.5 lbsOrigin: Caught off the coast of Boston.Fish Facts: Our Spanish Mackerel is wild caught using hardlines and pole-lines ..
Perch - Red Ocean Fillet 8/12 oz (Pack of 4 fillets)Frozen Wild Caught from Boston..
Malpeque Oysters (Avonlea) 100 ctSelected from an Atlantic Oyster harvested from one of the PEI oysters farms.Oysters have a briny taste with a butter..
Lobsters - Live Hard Shell Canadian 1.75-1.95 lbsOrigin: Nova ScotiaFish Facts: Lobsters are a rich source of vitamins and minerals; vitamin..
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can be marinated for you

House Fresh Herb Mix (Rosemary, tyme, parsley, sage, fresh garlic, pepper, oil) | Garlic & Dil | Roasted Garlic & Pepper | Maple Dijon

Maple BBQ | Cajun | Teriyaki Sesame Sauce with Sesame Seeds.