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Salmon - Atlantic Canadian 2 x 6 oz (Vacuum Sealed)Origin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Salmon is known to be one of the most nutr..
Canadian Farm Atlantic Salmon Fresh 2 x 6 oz portions, Origin: Vancouver, British ColumbiaFish Facts: Salmon is known to be one of the most nut..
Salmon - Atlantic Canadian 7 oz Fresh Skinless Saku Loin Sashimi GradeProduct Is FreshCut Same Day As The Order From 12/14 Salmon to Maintain Hig..
Mussels - Live Organic PEI 2 lbs bagsOrigin: Prince Edward IslandFish Facts: Our organic mussels are grown using the French Bouchot method (rope grown..
Malpeque Oysters (Leslie hardy ; Avonlea) 6 pcsSelected from an Atlantic Oyster harvested from one of the PEI oysters farms.Oysters have a briny taste..
Tuna - Ahi Yellowfin Frozen Saku Steak 8-12 oz‘Saku’ is the Japanese term to describe a uniformly cut block of skinless, boneless seafood, ready for s..
Oysters - East Coast (Raspberry, Irish Point, Savage Blonde, Tuxedo) 6 pcs Origin: Selected from Atlantic Oysters harvested in New Brunswick..
Halibut - Wild Canadian Fresh 6 oz PortionOrigin: Nova ScotiaFish Facts: Atlantic Halibut is the largest and most commercially valuable fish in the ..
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