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Caviar - Sturgeon Northern Divine Canadian (30 gm)

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Caviar - Sturgeon Northern Divine Canadian (30 gm)
Caviar - Sturgeon Northern Divine Canadian (30 gm)

30 gm - Fresh


1 pc


Origin: Sechelt, B.C

Taste/Cooking: The flavour of caviar is briny at first, followed by an intense fish flavour, with a buttery nutty finish. The texture is slightly gritty when first ingesting, however the eggs pop when slight pressure is applied. In terms of egg diameter, the sizing is similar to that of the Russian Osetra. A friendly reminder NOT to use a metallic spoon when serving this delicacy. A bitter taste can occur when using a silver or metal spoon as the caviar may oxidize when exposed, losing its flavour and taking on a metallic flavour instead. Recommended serving tools include spoons made from organic material (ie mother of pearl, bone, horn, etc), plastic, or gold plated.

Sustainability: Certified Organic

IMPORTANT: Avoid using a silver or stainless-steel spoon as it will alter flavour, instead use plastic, organic material (mother of pearl), or gold-plated utensils. 

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