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Caviar - Wild Salmon Ikura #1 Grade (500 gm)

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Caviar - Wild Salmon Ikura  #1 Grade (500 gm)
Caviar - Wild Salmon Ikura #1 Grade (500 gm)

500 gm - Frozen


1 pc


Origin: Seattle

Fish Facts: When comparing fish roe and caviar, the main difference is that one is raw and the other is processed. Roe refers to fully ripe unfertilized eggs that can be found in/on shrimp, lobsters, sea urchin, and fish. From roe to caviar status, the eggs undergo salt-curing to prolong shelf life and enhance flavor. King Salmon Roe are large and have a richer taste when compared to other Salmon roes. They have a orange - reddish colour and are soft to the touch. They also pop when slight pressure is applied. This salty delicacy is highly versatile in its uses and is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. 

 Taste and Cooking: Salmon Roe is best served raw. It can be added as a garnish to a variety of dishes including Sushi, Pasta, on top of Blinis or on a bed of rice. 

Sustainability: Recommended Product of Oceanwise

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