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Clams - B.C. Manila (2 lbs)

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Clams - B.C. Manila (2 lbs)
Clams - B.C. Manila (2 lbs)

2 lb - Fresh


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Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia

Fish Facts: Recognized by its distinct ridged shell, our Manila Clams are harvested by West Coast fishermen using picks, shovels, and rakes in shallow waters and mudflats. This method ensures the fishermen can be as selective as possible, with the least amount of bycatch. Compared to Savoury Clams, the meat is more sweet and firm, but have a shorter shelf life. Manila Clams tend to have less sand in them as they are purged with seawater before shipping. 

Taste/Cooking: Manila clams are typically less salty, more plump, and juicier than Eastern Quahogs. Preferred cooking methods include; steaming, stir frying, oven roasting, broiling, or BBQing. Also, a great addition to any sauce, soup, or stew.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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