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Crab - Fresh Florida Stone Claw (1 lb)

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Crab - Fresh Florida Stone Claw (1 lb)
Crab - Fresh Florida Stone Claw (1 lb)

1lb - Fresh


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Origin: Florida Keys

Fish Facts: Our Stone Crabs are wild caught in the Florida Keys using pots. To harvest the stone crab claws, the fishermen must ensure that the claw falls in the size range guideline before carefully removing only 1 claw. Once the single claw is removed the live crab is returned to the water. Stone crabs are able to regrow their claws and by returning the live crab to the water it makes for a truly renewable delicacy.

Taste/Cooking: Stone Crab Claws are large and meaty when compared to the crab’s small body. The Claw meat has a mild, slightly sweet taste with buttery flakey meat. Our Stone Crab Claws come fresh and pre-cooked. Common methods of preparation include, boiling, steaming or just as is. Crab is a very versatile ingredient; however, a common pairing would be to serve with garlic/herb butter and lemon.

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