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Salmon - Irish Organic Fresh Portions (2 x 6 oz)

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Salmon - Irish Organic Fresh Portions (2 x 6 oz)
Salmon - Irish Organic Fresh Portions (2 x 6 oz)

As Is

As Is

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Origin: Ireland

Fish Facts: Irish Organic Salmon was the first seafood product to receive the official French Agriculture Biologique status in 2001. Attaining this status means the farms’ production method combines the best environmental practices, respecting of biodiversity, preservation of natural resources, and a high level of welfare for the animal. Although popular in the global market, Ireland only produces less than 1% of global consumption due to a low intensity farming model. European organic standards require exceptionally low stock densities when farming fish, this can greatly affect the price and market availability.

Taste/Cooking: Irish Organic Salmon is noticeably bigger than other Pacific Salmon like Sockeye or Coho. Since it is farm raised and organically fed, its flakes of meat are larger and more tender with a buttery finish. Its taste is often described as a mild fishy flavour, perfect for first time or hesitant fish eaters. Salmon is an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin B. Common methods of preparation include grilling, baking broiling, or pan frying. This fish would pair well with our house fresh herb mix, teriyaki, miso marinades, as well as others.

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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