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Tuna - Bluefin Negitoro (Fatty Tuna) 250 gm
Tuna - Bluefin Negitoro (Fatty Tuna) 250 gm

Super Frozen, Vacuum Sealed

Super Frozen, Vacuum Sealed

1 piece

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Origin: Nagasaki, Japan.

Fish Facts: Negitoro is a combination of Otoro, Chutoro, and Akami cuts combined to make a minced tuna salad which has a rich, oily flavour. Typically, Negitoro is made from cuts of tuna that are deemed unpresentable, not being able to cut into even sashimi slices. This dish ensures that all parts of the Tuna are enjoyed and consumed, as well gives the chef a different option when preparing sushi.

Taste and Cooking: The texture of Negitoro is smooth and oily. Its flavour holds a bold Tuna tastes with a richness from the fatty Oroto and Chutoro. Typically this fish is served over rice or over a nori wrapped sushi with shredded green onion. 


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