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Trout - Rainbow Ontario Fresh Fillet (8-10 oz)

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Trout - Rainbow Ontario Fresh Fillet (8-10 oz)
Trout - Rainbow Ontario Fresh Fillet (8-10 oz)

As Is

As Is

1 pc


House Cut Fillets with no scales or pin bones. 

Origin: Farm raised in Ontario.

Fish Facts: Rainbow trout are easily recognized by their long skinny body with a reddish pink stripe running along its side. Their body color differs slightly depending on species and can be found in brown, black, and olive green. This fish is part of the Salmonid family. Some common characteristics of this family include a visible lateral line, small scales, and spawning takes place in fresh water.

Taste/ Cooking: Rainbow trout flesh carries a pink to orange coloration when raw and turns paler when cooked. Rainbow trout is described as having a mild fish flavour and a soft, delicate texture consisting of small flakes of meat. Common methods of preparation include grilling, baking, pan frying, and searing. This fish would pair well with our Garlic & Dill, House Fresh Herb Mix, Cajun, and Japanese Togarashi marinades, as well as others. 

Sustainability: Recommended product of Oceanwise.

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