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Snapper - Red Whole (1-2 lbs)

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Snapper - Red Whole (1-2 lbs)
Snapper - Red Whole (1-2 lbs)

Cleaned, Scaled

Cleaned, Scaled

1.5 lb


Origin: Carolina, USA

Fish Facts: The Red Snapper is a commercially important fish that is also widely sought after as a game fish. Snappers are commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and the Southeast Atlantic Ocean. Red Snapper, however, is the most frequently caught snapper in continental USA (accounting for≈50%). This is an excellent source vitamins D, E, B12, and is considered a high protein, low calorie fish. 

Taste/Cooking: The flavour of Red Snapper is described as mild, sweet, and slightly nutty. Texture is lean, moist, and firm however the flakes of meat are small. Common methods of preparation include, grilling, broiling, steaming, pan frying, and baking. This fish would go well with our house fresh herb mix, garlic & dill, Jamaican jerk, and others. 

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