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Octopus - Japanese Premium Cooked Tako Ashi Legs
Octopus - Japanese Premium Cooked Tako Ashi Legs

Half a Leg (250-350gm)

Half a Leg (250-350gm)

1 pc


Option of Half Leg or Full Leg. With the half leg option you will receive either the top or bottom portion of the tentacle. The full leg Option will include 1 piece of whole, uncut Octopus leg.

Origin: Wild Caught from Hokkaido, Japan

Fish Facts: Cooked and ready to eat, our Takoashi is perfect for sushi making and sashimi slicing at home. In the Japanese language “tako” refers to an octopus and “ashi” refers to a leg/foot. Wild caught using traps, these octopuses are caught, harvested, and processed off the coasts of Hokkaido, Japan.

Taste and Cooking: Takoashi is known for being succulent and juicy in texture while maintaining a slightly briny taste. The slight chew that comes with the octopus is accompanied with a sweet flavourful finish reminiscent of lobster or clams. Takoashi is often thinly sliced for nigiri and sashimi as it yields more tender pieces of octopus. This dish is best enjoyed with a splash of soy sauce and a dash of wasabi as is or over rice. 

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