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Oysters - B.C. Royal Miyagi petite/xsm

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Oysters - B.C. Royal Miyagi petite/xsm
Oysters - B.C. Royal Miyagi petite/xsm

6pc - One Type

6pc - One Type

1 pack


Origin: Vancouver Island

**NEW** Choose your Pack: 6pc, 12pc, or 18pc

Royal Miyagi oysters are easily recognized by their white, purple, and black shell with fluted edges. The name comes from the Miyagi prefecture in Japan which is the country’s largest oyster producer. Royal Miyagi is farmed using a bag to beach method which is a combination of two farming practices. Oysters start off in a bag and rack system, after which they are transferred to a beachy environment for the last six months before harvesting. A beachy environment will allow for the oysters to toughen up because of higher wave activity. This will result in a harder shell and firmer meat. The flavour of Royal Miyagi is described as mildly briny, creamy, sweet, and with a prominent oceanic flavour. This oyster would pair well with fresh lemon, cocktail sauce, or our house made Oyster Mignonette.

Sustainability: Oceanwise recommended product

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