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Oysters - East Coast Large (6 Pcs)

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Oysters - East Coast Large (6 Pcs)
Oysters - East Coast Large (6 Pcs)

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East Coast Large Oysters (Raspberry Point L , Lucky Lime L, Pickle Point L, Daisy Bay L, Island Gold Large) 6 pcs

Origin: Selected from Atlantic Oysters harvested in New Brunswick, PEI or Nova Scotia pending availability. 

Raspberry Point is an East Coast essential flavour, grown in the cool waters of New London Bay, Prince Edward Island. These skilled farmers utilize old-fashioned methods when cultivating and harvesting oysters. Raspberry Point Oyster farm uses a bottom cultured farming process, which is the closest scenario to growing in a wild scenario. These oysters are then harvested by hand using an oyster rake. The flavour of Raspberry Point has a heavy briny flavour, followed by a clean sweet finish. This oyster would pair well with fresh lemon, cocktail sauce, or our house made Oyster Mignonette.

Sustainability: Oceanwise recommended product

Size ranges from 3-4", Specific type of Oyster can be mentioned in the comment section at check - out.

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