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Trevally - Japanese Shima Aji Whole (2.6-3 lbs)

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Trevally - Japanese Shima Aji Whole (2.6-3 lbs)
Trevally - Japanese Shima Aji Whole (2.6-3 lbs)

Cleaned, Scaled

Cleaned, Scaled

3 lb


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Origin: Kumamoto, Japan

Fish Facts: White Trevally, also known as Striped Jack, is referred to as Shima Aji in Japanese. This fish is commonly found in tropical and temperate waters and can be easily recognized by their shiny metallic skin, dark spots, and yellow fins. When compared to other fish in its family like Mackerels or Jacks, White Trevally tends to be leaner and is less oily. They are known to be strong fighters once hooked and are a revered recreational fish.

Taste and Cooking: Raw White Trevally has reddish meat with a darker portion near the center of the fillet. Its flesh is lean, firm and tastes similar to Mackerel and Amberjack. Its texture is delicate, light, and buttery with a sweet finish. Shima Aji is best enjoyed raw or over rice. Sashimi or nigiri style is ideal with a touch of soy sauce.

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